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Stand Up Comedian, Actor, Host and Speaker

Mr “Its Funny 2 Me!"

Stand Up Comedian Extraordinaire , Host and Motivational Speaker

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The Anomaly of Comedy


This Detroit native received his comedic break while studying at The University of Michigan.  Horace H. B. Sanders has combined his gifts of writing, improvisation and acting, while utilizing his unique perspective, to become a World Class Stand Up Comedian.  Horace has been blessed to bring laughter to audiences of all kinds across North America, The Caribbean and entertained U.S. Troops in Japan.  No matter the location; whether a sold out arena, church, corporate gathering, comedy club, university concert or TV production, Horace H.B. Sanders is guaranteed to deliver.  

Horace is honored to be the reigning "CBS Star Search Comedy Champion" with a combined perfect score from live home audience and celebrity judges.  He has been featured on numerous networks including ABC's "Detroit 187", BET, Comedy Central, The Word Network and Pure Flix.  Horace is also co star of the critically acclaimed documentary "Funny".   He performed in front of more than 40,000 people at Phillips Arena (Atlanta, GA) alongside Steve Harvey and The legendary Sinbad.  

Horace has extensive experience as a radio personality and was the co-host of Angelo Henderson's  "Your Voice" in Detroit, Michigan.  Within the last few years Horace expanded his voice into the world of storytelling and had his work featured internationally on NPR and "The Moth". He was soon after snagged to tour with one of their main-stage shows where he was met with newfound success and appreciation.   

The dynamic of Horace H. B. Sanders is the rare ability to generate fresh material so audiences don't just like his performance one, but can love it, over and over again.  Never the same show twice!  They say that we are a product of whom we hang around with.  In that case it is no wonder that Horace is on his way to unprecedented success because he has worked with a plethora of artists from JB Smooth, Dave Chappelle, Bernie Mac, LeAnn Rimes, Anita Baker, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Aretha Franklin, to name a few.  Once you have seen  Horace  H. B. Sanders perform you will know why the H.B. stands for 

Hilarious Brother!". 

My Favorite Work


At the end of the day, the work I enjoy the most is when the audience feels connected to my performance. There's nothing worse than a wasted opportunity to give of yourself in such a way that people cannot help but to be better for it. The Blessing of Giving laughter and light. 

My Life Today


on his way to becoming a household name by doing what he was born to do. whether live stage, televison, film or any other medium, the results remain the same...brilliant and hilarious at the same time.  

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"So fresh and So Clean Clean"


“Horace is like Sarah Lee, nobody doesnt like him!”

-Arsenio Hall

host of "The Arsenio Hall Show" and "CBS Star Search"



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HORACE HB SANDERS "You Played Yourself"

"...You Played Yourself"

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